Purchase of Paintings by Herman Gold
You can buy original paintings and reproductions directly from the artist
Free DHL International Shipping
Some of Herman Gold's works are available for purchase. Please contact us for the current catalog with prices, and to arrange the details of delivery. The artworks are supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity and can be delivered free of charge worldwide.
Free EMS International Shipping
The Limited Edition reproductions are printed on canvas under the personal supervision of Herman Gold in Israel in 18 copies and signed by the artist. Each reproduction is provided with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.
Free USPS International Shipping
Open Edition reproductions can be printed on canvas or art paper. The number of copies is unlimited. Each reproduction is signed by the artist.
“In my opinion, Mr Gold's art is true, honest and profound. To reveal the very inner core of a person is the most difficult and important task for a painter, and Mr Gold solves this task in a way befitting a grand master."
— Fazil Iskander, a writer
Please contact us if you have inquiries about purchasing original paintings and limited edition reproductions: