Authenticity Verification
Each original painting I create is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity (CoA), personally signed by me. This certificate serves as a guarantee that the artwork is a genuine piece created by my hand. Each certificate includes the artwork's title, dimensions, medium, and date of completion. The certificates are embossed with my official seal to prevent counterfeiting.

In addition to original works, I offer limited edition reproductions of selected paintings. Each reproduction is accompanied by a numbered and signed Certificate of Authenticity, verifying its limited edition status and authenticity.

If you have acquired one of my paintings from a third party and wish to verify its authenticity, you may request an examination. To initiate this process, please send high-resolution photographs of the painting and the signature to I will carefully review the provided images and documentation to determine the authenticity of the artwork.

Below, you will find an example of my signature for reference purposes. Please note that while my signature may vary slightly between artworks, it will always maintain its distinctive characteristics.
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